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Who We are

Tradescience is a proprietary trading and consulting firm that builds quant-based investment/trading models for HNIs and professional trading firms such as hedge funds, CTAs, prop desks, etc.
A group of professionals working in symphony to create newer, better ways to sail the volatile seas of financial markets makes up our team at Tradescience. Our motivation to innovate keeps us scouring for opportunities. And our extensive knowledge of market history keeps our approach in tune with the basics, which are often easy to forget in the lure of innovation.

A few things we’re great at

With Quantitative models, we do the heavyweight number crunching for you. We make use of our in house mathematical computations to find market anomalies and exploit them to squeeze out returns.
With Tradescience, you can count on consistent outperformance while keeping a close eye on the risk profile. Our quant-based models aim to deliver returns like a high-risk asset (such as equities) and control volatility like a low-risk asset (such as bonds).

Portfolio diversification

 Systematic trading is an invaluable asset in itself. Tradescience builds models which offer the benefits of disciplined investing & trading. With low correlations to the majority of investable assets available in the financial market, we can greatly reduce risk-weight on the portfolio, which in turn largely increases long-term outperformance.

Pre-defined rules

Trading or investing out of emotions is the greatest wealth destroyer investors may face. Systematic trading gives the ability to back-test a model’s performance throughout the historical market conditions. Having pre-defined rules helps us stick to our guns during rainy days and have the discipline to wait when probabilities are not in our favour.

Quick-witted/agile actions:

 Arguing with the facts goes against our principles. At Tradescince our systems can hold a particular trade from hours to months. Having such flexibility in our time horizon allows us to not only quickly cut short our losers but also squeeze out as much profit as possible from huge winning trades.

Alpha generation:

 Allocation to different assets such as bonds, equities, etc. can offer opportunities to out-perform, by building robust portfolios in such a way that the portfolio stands unshaken during market turmoil. In addition to that, We have been successful at building systems that in fact gain from market turmoil, by exploiting the market’s irrationality. 

Marquee Strategies at TradeScience 

We are always on the lookout for newer and better ways to approach the fast changing world of financial markets. Our focus on capturing gains while diminishing risks keeps our approach on the forefront of trading.
We keep our minds open when it comes to looking for new ideas. We employ a wide range of approaches to our trading: from the very basic method of momentum to more complex strategies that involve mathematical operators that look for opportunities.
Regardless of what we do, our philosophy is such that we always hedge our tail risks, i.e. we don’t lose capital when there are unexpected black swan event such as the one in March 2020, when we actually gained while the majority of the financial markets were panicking.

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Trading Strategies

Crisis Alpha

Typically traditional investments like Mutual funds are only a buy/long process. On the other hand, we all know that economy works in cycles, and the same is true for our traditional investments as well.
At TradeScience we design Alpha strategies that outperform in a bear market. These strategies take into consideration all 2700 listed NSE stocks. They keep a close eye on any possible shift in the dominant trend of the market and also the dominant trends in the short term.
These strategies are best for balancing the traditional investments

Trading Strategies

Momentum Strategy

Momentum investing can be thought as a system which involves a strategy to capitalize on the continuance (momentum) of an existing market trend.
This in turn involves a strict set of rules based on mathematical formulations. The aim is to maximize profits by staying with a market momentum until its conclusion, no matter for how long that may be.
You may, for example, spot that the price spikes in a particular stock despite the absence of any market condition. We just identify these opportunities with the risk-adjusted approach.

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Our Team

At TradeSceince we are proud to have amalgamated together a team of like minded individuals who come from diverse corporate backgrounds and share a penchant for developing innovative trading strategies

Prashant Dhama

Co-founder and partner at DnB Asset Management

Prashant Dhama with over half a decade of experience in investment management & quantitative trading. Passionate about developing financial investment models, he holds a rich working experience in MNCs like L&T Finance…

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Palash Jain

Strategy Design & Analysis

Palash has worked with some of the top consulting firms in the world like The Boston Consulting Group is also passionate about crafting new trading strategies.
He has pursued MBA from IIM-B  & alumnus of SRCC University…

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Dinesh Jain

Management Advisory

Dinesh Jain is a Cross industry veteran of 30+ years, having served as the CEO(India) at Nissan Motors, CEO at Zee Turner Ltd (Zee Group), CEO at TDI International and Vice-President (Marketing) at ABP Media Ltd…

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